4 months of celery juice – What I’ve noticed (and what about the fodmaps?)


Okay, I officially joined the Celery Juice Club.

I was a hard convert as I had long-ago labeled celery as “bad” and had completely avoided it for about two years due to celery being “high fodmap” (in amounts larger than 5cm…. which is like one bite). I maintained a diet of very little to no fodmaps for a long time until this spring, when it occurred to me (through symptoms, research and the help of my ND) that at this point, being so restrictive was actually doing more harm than good. In fact, although avoiding fodmaps can do wonders while you’re in the main stage of healing, staying on a low fodmap diet for an extended period of time is actually not recommended by experts (including the experts who initially introduced the low fodmap diet!)

I’m not one to blindly jump on food trend bandwagons (or any trends for that matter as I’m what I like to call a “cautiously aware skeptic”) but I couldn’t avoid all the amazing healing stories about celery juice and decided to try it for myself because, yolo.

Here are some of the advertised benefits:

  1. Lowers Inflammation
  2. Helps lower cholesterol
  3. Prevents or treats high blood pressure
  4. Helps prevent ulcers
  5. Protects liver health
  6. Helps weight loss
  7. Boosts digestion and reduces bloating
  8. Contains anti-microbial properties that fight infections
  9. Helps prevent urinary tract infections
  10. May help protect from cancer

With all of these amazing claims, it felt silly to not at least try celery juice.

I’ve been drinking it almost every morning for over four months now. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

It gives me energy. I haven’t had coffee in a couple years now. I switched to warm water with lemon, which is a nice and comforting routine. But the celery juice really seems to get me going. I noticed it gives me some good balanced energy. I say balanced because it’s a nice, calm, natural energy, which is what I want; not a jittery, cracked-out type of energy like caffeine would give me. I still have the lemon water, but now I have my celery juice first (on an empty stomach to break my fast). It also just makes me feel good in general. Between celery juice and 10 minutes of meditation in the morning, I’m feeling pretty zenned out, grounded and ready to take on my day.

Digestion has been better. Two words: proper elimination. That is the dream and the goal of this game. And celery juice helps make this a reality. This means it also seems to just help my gut in general (again, all roads lead to poop let’s be real). Since starting this routine over four months ago, I’ve seen big improvements in digestive issues overall and notice a difference if there’s a week where I skip a few days (due to traveling and not having access to 100% organic celery juice). The benefits I notice are less bloating, less digestive upset, better digestion of foods, and yes, better elimination. Basically, everything is in better working order. In the last four months I’ve also incorporated intermittent fasting and a rotation diet. These three things together have made a huge impact on my health.

It’s comforting. Most probably wouldn’t call this green, earthy nectar exactly comforting. But yep, I am a creature of habit. I enjoy the daily ritual of getting out the juicer and treating myself to this healing goodness. Yeah, I said “treat”. Because when you’re fueling your body with good stuff you’re treating yourself with love and care. It feels good. And I honestly don’t mind the taste at all, I almost crave the taste now because I know it makes me feel good (and is helping to heal my insides). Missing your morning date with your espresso machine? Try replacing it with this ritual instead. I truly believe when we give our body the good stuff, it’s like a double affect on our health because we also subconsciously appreciate the extra love we’re giving ourselves (there’s actually scientific evidence to prove this).

There is such a thing as too much. I definitely wouldn’t dive into a full giant glass of this stuff right away. It is powerful and you’ll definitely notice a detox effect. Especially if you have a sensitive gut, I’d start small and work up to a full amount (still small glass) like I did.  I actually only need around 4-8 oz to get the job done. And I worked up to that amount slowly.

How to drink it:

I use a masticating (cold/slow press) juicer. I juice about 7-10 celery stalks (about half a “bundle”). Like I said, I worked up to that amount. I started with basically a “shot” to make sure I could handle celery, especially because I hadn’t had it in some time due to being on a low fodmap diet. To get the full benefits, it’s important not to dilute the celery with anything else (cucumber, lemon, fruits, water, etc). Just drink plain, pure celery juice – on an empty stomach before breaking your fast for the day.

So wait, what about the fodmaps in celery juice?

As I said, I cut out all fodmaps for a long time. Doing this helped me. But then I slowly re-introduced foods when I was ready and some healing had taken place. This is actually what experts recommend because a low fodmap diet is not sustainable and not meant to be used forever. Your gut needs diversity. In fact, last year I started seeing a plateau in my healing and some new symptoms coming back. My ND said at this point I was actually being too restrictive and needed to try to re-introduce more variety (Did you know eating the same foods over and over can lead to intolerances? Because of this, since last year, I’ve also been following a rotation diet).

After doing all this, I no longer have issues with these amounts of celery (as you can see, it actually is helping me at this point). I even eat small amounts of garlic now with no issues (whaaaaat?!). I did make sure I was careful to introduce celery very slowly, in small amounts first (this is how it should be done with re-introductions of anything) and still I don’t drink a huge pitcher of it – I drink just the right amount I need to see positive results. All you can do is give your body a break / chance to heal, then test things out and listen to how your body responds. It takes time. See what works for you. My best advice to others on health journeys is to ultimately listen to your own body, and to not take ANY book, diet, or “expert’s” advice as the end-all dogma for your health. Our bodies are so so smart and powerful. And UNIQUE.

Happy Juicing!


Have you tried celery juice?? What has been your experience?



Dr. Axe | https://draxe.com/benefits-of-celery/
Medical Medium | http://www.medicalmedium.com/blog/celery-juice

2 thoughts on “4 months of celery juice – What I’ve noticed (and what about the fodmaps?)

  1. Thank you for this. I have been doing celery intermittently and following Fodmap, not 100%. Wasn’t sure if celery juice was helping or hindering. I think I need to stick to Fodmap strictly for a while and introduce celery juice, like you slowly. As I still experience a lot of
    Bloat with it.


    1. Hi Emme! Yes, I’d definitely start slow. Raw celery juice for sure would have been so rough on me in my earlier stages of healing, but now it’s all good! I’d introduce it in small amounts at a time after you’ve gone through an elimination diet / fodmap / etc and are re-introducing things, based on my experience. Have you tried the Specific Carbohydrate Diet? That was a helpful guide for my elimination diet, with some tweaks. Also, warm water with lemon instead of celery juice is a great thing to go with first. ❤


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