Potatoes and Gut Health

I have a confession. For a few years, I was deathly afraid of potatoes. Okay, that sounds dramatic. But it’s true. And it really wasn’t just potatoes. It was any food I labeled “bad” or “not safe” or “illegal.” That’s what happens when you become so sick that your body seems to reject anything youContinue reading “Potatoes and Gut Health”

Paleo Chocolate Donut Recipe (high protein)

I’m definitely a “sweet breakfast” person. Sure, some avocado tater-toast has its place, but in my opinion… donuts make some of the dreamiest break-fasts. Which is why I’ve made these Paleo Chocolate Donuts about twice a week for a solid year. I mix up my toppings, but the base is almost always the same. They’reContinue reading “Paleo Chocolate Donut Recipe (high protein)”

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (+ low sugar)

These gluten free, grain free, Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies are what dreams are made of. Slightly crispy on the outside, gooey and chewy on the inside. Classically sweet but not overly sweet, with velvety dark chocolate chunks. So… they’re technically chocolate chunk cookies because I used Eating Evolved’s Midnight Coconut Bar for the chocolate, whichContinue reading “Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (+ low sugar)”

Easy Paleo Pumpkin Muffins (no sugar added, high protein)

Anyone else think pumpkin should be a year-round food?! Thankfully, my local Sprouts agrees and always has some cans of organic pumpkin in stock. This Easy Paleo Pumpkin Muffin recipe has no added sugar of any kind, and lots of protein. A perfect breakfast for those of us healing adrenal fatigue naturally. This recipe servesContinue reading “Easy Paleo Pumpkin Muffins (no sugar added, high protein)”

4 months of celery juice – What I’ve noticed (and what about the fodmaps?)

Okay, I officially joined the Celery Juice Club. I was a hard convert as I had long-ago labeled celery as “bad” and had completely avoided it for about two years due to celery being “high fodmap” (in amounts larger than 5cm…. which is like one bite). I maintained a diet of very little to noContinue reading “4 months of celery juice – What I’ve noticed (and what about the fodmaps?)”

Do Adaptogens Really Work?

WHY I STOPPED TAKING ADAPTOGENS You hear a lot of incredible things about adaptogens these days. Especially when you’re dealing with adrenal fatigue and other hormonal issues. These miracles herbs are said to help anyone and everyone with stress responses, because they adapt to your particular needs when taken. I first learned about adrenal fatigue aContinue reading “Do Adaptogens Really Work?”

Low Carb, Fruit and Nut Free, Paleo Pancakes

I get it. Restrictive diets are tough man. This recipe is one I’ve developed and continued to adjust during different rotation/elimination/what-the-hell-can-i-eat diets. It’s gluten free, paleo, fruit free, nut free, low carb, zero sugar of any kind, SCD friendly, and keto friendly. It can be enjoyed “savory” or “sweet”, with a few ingredient tweaks. TheContinue reading “Low Carb, Fruit and Nut Free, Paleo Pancakes”