Potatoes and Gut Health

I have a confession. For a few years, I was deathly afraid of potatoes. Okay, that sounds dramatic. But it’s true. And it really wasn’t just potatoes. It was any food I labeled “bad” or “not safe” or “illegal.” That’s what happens when you become so sick that your body seems to reject anything youContinue reading “Potatoes and Gut Health”

4 months of celery juice – What I’ve noticed (and what about the fodmaps?)

Okay, I officially joined the Celery Juice Club. I was a hard convert as I had long-ago labeled celery as “bad” and had completely avoided it for about two years due to celery being “high fodmap” (in amounts larger than 5cm…. which is like one bite). I maintained a diet of very little to noContinue reading “4 months of celery juice – What I’ve noticed (and what about the fodmaps?)”

That time I scheduled a good cry

So today was a first: I literally scheduled time to cry (yes, it’s come to this). I gave myself permission, space, and time to feel all my feelings. To not only acknowledge them, but to let them speak and be heard. To come to the surface. Often we see breaking down as a sign ofContinue reading “That time I scheduled a good cry”